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Three Amazing Global Signs for 2011

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Washington, D.C.   When the two of us released Edge of Apocalypse last year, the first novel in our The End fiction series (Zondervan Publishing) we laced that futuristic story with a number of themes. Three of them were: (1) the race toward the creation of a one-world, global system of finance, including a global currency and the devaluation or eradication of the American dollar; (2) loss of resolve by American leaders, including the White House, to continue a strong system of national security and anti-missile defense; (3) a tyranny of censorship in the media.

As we survey the year past, and 2011 ahead, it is amazing what we see when we re-examine these three themes in the light of unfolding events:

GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM:  According to the just-released study by Sonoma State University (which does an annual review of the most “censored stories” of each year) the # 1 most censored headline of 2010 was “Global Plans to Replace the Dollar.” Which explains why, except for those folks following our novel, so few people were reading about that fact! In Edge of Apocalypse we showed the movement by an American President and Congressional collaborators to ditch the dollar and to join a new global currency. We also mentioned in our book the real-life fact that the International Monetary Fund has the authority right now to issue a global currency called Special Drawing Rights (or SDRs).  Back in 2009, as we were finishing the manuscript of our fiction story, a real-life drama was unfolding at the G20 summit in London where world leaders were discussing the use of this very same SDR currency. Be watchful now, as world leaders, including President Obama, prepare for the annual G20 meeting later this month.  Seemingly on track with our novel, the influential DBS Bank this week called for a decision, at the G20 conference, for “reducing the dollar’s dominence in the world’s foreign reserves.”

SURRENDERING OUR NATIONAL SECURITY:  Under pressure from the Obama Adminstration, the U.S. Senate, falling for the false idea that Russia is no longer an enemy but is our new ally, ratified the controversial START nuclear arms treaty with Russia a few short weeks ago.  In Edge of Apocalypse, we posited this scenario: what happens if an American defense contractor/patriot develops a powerful new anti-missile defense system, but U.S. leaders are reluctant to use it because it might violate international treaties? With the START treaty now the law of the land, this is a real-life possiblity. The Russians have already bragged that the START treaty will limit America’s ability to develop new anti-missile shields. Further, this treaty will actually force the U.S. to reduce our nuclear capacity, while at the same time it will allow Russia to increase theirs, according to experts like Keith Payne, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. And Dr. Peter Vincent Pry of the U.S. Army War College has written that Russia is in a much better position today for an effective nuclear strike against U.S. strategic nuclear facilities (while at the same time preserving most of America’s civilian population, infrastructure, services and means of production) than it was in 1974.  

TYRANNY OF THE MEDIA:  In Edge of Apocalypse we wrote a fictional scenario where the White House and major media owners worked together to accumulate a monopoly over a future media where everything – cell phones, TV, radio, and newpapers – had all migrated to a single Internet platform. Suddenly, as we saw it, Christians and conservatives and voices for traditional and historic values found themselves all but silenced. That was fiction. But here is the present reality: Just days before Christmas, a slim majority of three out of five commissioners in the Federal Communications Commission voted to impose stunning new federal regulations over the entire Internet. The net effect could be the rise of censorship of Biblical opinions over the web on controversial issues like the gay rights agenda, or the blocking of commentary that points out the false views that other world religions have about Jesus Christ. Beyond that, in June 2010 the Obama Administration voiced praise for Russia’s policy of treating “information aggression” over the Internet as an international crime. What would qualify? According to Russia, certain “information campaigns” by one nation against another nation over the Internet would violate the United Nations charter, even if pursued with “good intentions, such as the advancement of democracy …” Couple this with the current U.S. Administration’s agreement early last year to allow much more international influence over the running of the Internet, together with the other themes above that seem to be gaining momentum and we can see that the Edge of Apocalypse may be sooner than we had ever imagined.

(c) 2011 Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall

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