Elena Kagan: Global Law Disciple

THE SENATE CONFIRMATION HEARING STARTED YESTERDAY FOR ELENA KAGAN. She was nominated by President Obama to serve as America’s newest U.S. Supreme Court justice.  The odds favor the Senate confirming Kagan and adding her to the High Court. What does that mean for America? Elena Kagan brings with her a globalistic world-view that presents a danger as old as the book of Genesis.

When she was Dean of the Harvard Law School, Kagan struck the requirement that her law students study the U.S. Constitution. Instead, she replaced that course requirement with a new one: the mandatory study of foreign law and international legal standards. In a 2006 press release Kagan explained that the intent was to confront law students with the “larger universe” of legal norms and to study “global networks” of law so they could appreciate law from a “global sphere” rather than strictly from an American constitutional standpoint. During her confirmation as Solicitor General under the Obama Administration, Kagan said that as our nation’s top lawyer arguing for the government before the Supreme Court she would not hesitate to make arguments based not just on our Constitution but also on international law as well.

Elena Kagan’s loyalty to global law is problematic for two reasons. First, if she becomes a Supreme Court justice, she could well be the all-important fifth vote in favor of interpreting our Constitution, not according to the vision of our Founding Fathers, but rather from an international law basis; a concept that would probably have been viewed as treasonous by our Founders. Three justices on the Court have already relied on foreign law in their opinions: Justices Kennedy, Breyer and Ginsberg. Recently installed Justice Sotomayor has praised Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s penchant for international law, so we can assume she will be a legal globalist as well. Five justices create a majority, and with Kagan on board they could begin readically steering us away from a view of the Constitution that honors our Judeo-Christian heritage and founding.

Second, if this happens it will usher America into a new age of global law. With Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court, international legal standards could well be imposed on American citizens by the High Court’s legal globalists even without the need for Senate approval of specific international treaties.

In our new novel, Edge of Apocalypse, we show how this trend could create a legal nightmare for conscientious Christians. We need only turn to chapter 11 of Genesis to see how God opposed the ancient attempt at global unification. The Lord declared the tragic result that would follow if a centralized group of fallen men were to consolidate an unlimited , unrestrained power over the planet.

Keep your eyes on the Supreme Court’s view of global law. It could be one of the most telling “signs of the times.”

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